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Cut any movie down to small 10 minute video clips for upload...

Cut any movie down to small 10 minute video clips for upload on any video sharing site. Just point Video Slicer at any movie or media file and choose how long you want the clip to be, click start.

Thats itNo more story boards to drag around on time lines in order to make a video for upload on Youtube. Just point Video Slicer at any video file, choose the length you want and click start.

Video Slicer will cut and title your movie for you in as many parts as needed. Video-of-vegas-trip-part-1-of-13. wmv Ready for bulk upload onto Youtube or any video sharing site.

How to cut videos down to 10 minute clips for Youtube. Youtube's maxium upload video size is 10 minutes or 100 MB. You need to cut movies down to small video clips for upload on Youtube, Dailmotion, Google video and any video sharing site.

Video Slicer. net will Slice large movie files down to any size you want with just one click. No time lines or storyboards to mess with just point and click.

Video Slicer will automaticly title each video slice part_1_of_13. wmv , part_2_of_13. wmv for easy upload. Anyone can now upload movies and videos to Youtube by using VideoSlicer.

net to cut them down to correct size. Archive your favorite movies forever by uploading them onto the internet today with Video slicer. Start your own Youtube channel and show people your movies now!

Get off the sidelines and start sharing your movies and videos now. Download our free trial version today and see how easy it is to share your movies.

Never drag frames around on a story board to make a video clip again! Just point Video slicer to the movie and let it go to work in the background.

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Video Slicer 1

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